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Discharge Planning

Advantek recognizes that the management of efficient after care by case management staff is one of the most critical functions related to hospital utilization. Effective after care is an important activity related to cost savings and member satisfaction.

The Case Management staff works with the attending physician who is ultimately responsible for overseeing the planning and discharge of the member from the hospital.


Medical Conditions
  • Combined health education and support to improve overall health and reduce healthcare expenditures.

  • Customized plans that include treatment and lifestyle modifications.

  • Patient and family education, community resources and support groups.


  • ED visit utilization review and redirection.

Case Management Programs

The Case Management Program is to assure that medically necessary care is delivered in the most cost-efficient setting for members with or without chronic care needs who require extensive or ongoing services.

The Case Management Program is directed at coordinating resources and creating appropriate cost-effective alternatives for catastrophically, chronically ill, or injured members on a case by case basis to facilitate the achievement of realistic treatment goals.

Utilization Management Program

The Utilization Management (UM) is designed to monitor, evaluate, and manage the cost and quality of healthcare services delivered to all members of the Employer Groups contracted with Advantek Benefit Administrators.

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